Special Services

From the urgent needs like building and system maintenance to storm damage repairs, the WDS Construction Special Services Division focuses on quick turn-around project delivery, whether renovation, retrofit, upgrade, or expansion-driven.

We’re often called upon to help manufacturing, food processing, and cold storage clients with solutions that minimize disruptive downtime (resulting in lost revenues) and allow the real work of our clients to still get done. Mezzanines, penthouses, foundations, equipment set-up and installation, platforms, and silos are just a few of the areas that the Special Services Division provides quick-in and quick-out solutions.

Smaller remodeling and expansion projects also fall under the purview of the Special Services Division, leveraging our Industrial Strengths and industry knowledge to projects both simple and complex. Each of these projects are as unique as our clients, so we are dedicated to right sizing the solution that works best for your situation. One size never fits all.

WDS Construction also believes in a holistic approach to solving your challenges. A “band-aid” approach may be quick and simple, but if it doesn’t acknowledge the impact to the larger operations, it could create major disruptions down the road.

The WDS Special Service Division builds successful, long-term relationships by truly understanding our clients’ needs and operations, then being there when you need us for as long as you need us, including offering a rock-solid warranty that we will stand by.

Read more about Stan Harmsen, our Director of Special Services.

Stan Harmsen